I’m not fond of it.

I don’t see the need for it.

I’m easily bored on it.

I found it FIRST!

But I made one for this blog.

So now you can stalk me constantly!  (gorgeous couldn’t fit)

So…uh, follow me? I’ll put the little sign thingy up to keep it up there.

So yeah, that’s it.


School Poetry.


I have to say, this is one of my favorite poems I’ve read all year.

Richard Cory

Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
We people on the pavement looked at him:
He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
Clean-favored and imperially slim.

And he was always quietly arrayed,
And he was always human when he talked;
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
"Good Morning!" and he glittered when he walked.

And he was rich, yes, richer than a king,
And admirably schooled in every grace:
In fine — we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.

So on we worked and waited for the light,
And went without the meat and cursed the bread,
And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a bullet in his head.
-Edwin Arlington Robinson

The way the author makes your believe the man, Richard Cory, is happy and wonderful, and then reminds you in such a harsh way that what is seemingly perfect on the outside, isn’t to say it is on the inside.

I love it!


Oh Joy, it’s that time of year again. As my friend called it, “Singles Awareness Day.”

I used to enjoy this day when I was in elementary school, but then I moved and the kids decided I didn’t like being loved. That…and I follow my brother in everything he does or likes (except women). He hated Valentine’s day and drew funny pictures about it, so I started to dislike it too. But not only that, Valentine’s day is a useless holiday that is only still in use today to make money. Let’s hope the economy gets a boost.

As winter leaves and spring arrives, I begin to see the usual couples start to form. Even someone like me who hates cheesy teen romance, starts to feel the lovey dovey air begin to kisses my cheeks as I walk down the halls of my high school. I slightly gag…but I can’t lie, it is a lovely feeling.
But then…3 months later everyone breaks up for the summer and then the hook ups begin, then it’s just hilarious. 

Is it strange for me to say this? Because I’m a hopeless romantic, in a sense that I will watch cheesy romantic comedies, and read romances, religiously.

Well anyway, my Valentine’s week has been what one would call…crappy.  Sleepless nights, illness, bad grades, and my sick doggy. I will forever dislike Valentine’s Day…kinda.

Well, that’s all I gotta say really.


Movie Stalkers.


There is a reason why I’m typing this in such a crazy font. It is to explain about me and my friend’s plan to get onto the set of star trek ii. We loved the first one, now my friend is a trekie.

we made a YouTube account called ‘moviestalkers’  and will put up videos in hope to get on the set to help out in some way or another.we have yet to put up videos, but we will…sooner or later.

we’ll also talk about other movies we love, and others we…dislike. Well, that’s all I gotta say about this topic.

till next time.


Recently I’ve been wanting to go to a house party. You know the kind where everyone is black and there grinding on each other, yeah…that one. But not to worry, I wouldn’t want to be one of those girls having sex on the dance floor, I’d watch and laugh, and talk to my friends who were dancing.

Now of course I’d dance too, but not like how everyone else is, I’d just move my body is a way that it moves with the beat of the music.

I can’t do crazy moves or break-dance or pop, but I can move my hips and slow dance. I can also dance like a crazy person.

I went to a party like that over the summer and had a blast! It makes me want to do something like that again, just with a little more confidence :)

Last night I help my friend with her video project…there were three problems with this.

1.  it was raining

2. it was about forest fires

3. it was COLD!

But that’s besides the point of me telling you this. After we were done and some of the people left, the remaining three of us learned the Hare Hare Yukai. (look it up on youtube, you’ll know what I mean).

Now after watching it, how many of you are going to learn it?


I love books. It’s like escaping from a reality of hardships and pain, into another with a happy ending.

I’ve been reading a lot of suspence mysteries lately by Elizabeth Chandler. Simon and Schuster publications decided to republish her books and combine them into one large novel. Her first one, called Kissed By an Angel, is three books bundled into one. It was actually first released in the late 1990s. 

Kissed By an Angel is about a girl named Ivy and a guy named Tristen who fall in love. One day Tristens dies and becomes an angel who is kept on earth to save Ivy from being killed by the same person who killed him. So basically he wasn’t supposed to die they were after Ivy.

Here’s what happened when I first say it and read it:

I walked up and down the yound adult section of Borders Book store hoping to find something interesting to read that wasn’t about vampires. I’ve had enough of that and was getting tired of the same plot line. I skimmed past the blacked covered book with a yellow, red, and green glowing rose on it spin about 5 times before I gave in to it’s attraction.
I picked it up and nodded slightly, at least it’s not about vampires. I thought to myself, and flipped it over on it back. I read it and frowned.  It had just told me some Tristen guy was going to die.

I bought it and went home.

A few days later I started reading and was instantly hooked. I fell in love with the Tristen character who apparently doesn’t die in the beginning, and wanted to high five Ivy the other main character. It wasn’t until the end of the first book that my jaw dropped and my mind was blow, because I just realized…this DAMNED author made me fall in love with the freaking guy who DIES at the beginning!
You can tell how satifised with the book I was when it was over.

So just about a month ago I found skimmed past another book with an interesting object on the front cover that caught my attention. This time it was a glowing blue and purple key with the title Dark Secrets 1 by Elizabeth Chandler, written next to it. I gasped and picked it up and put it back down, I’ll be back. I told myself.

Monday, I bought Dark Secrets. This time instead of one story it was two different stories in the same small town, each following two different girls. The first one blew me away, and the second one kept me up till midnight the day before my Finals.

So now, I’m just waiting for the second book to Dark Secrets to come out, and I’ll be one happy camper.



So, my nonexistent fans, I’m apologizing.

I realize its been a while since I’ve posted, but I did warn you. I have a tendency to start things and not continue when I get busy. I just forget, not that I’ve forgotten about any of this, of my nonexistent fans, I’ve just been busy.

So let me bring everyone back up to speed, which really isn’t all that much:

  • School’s a Bitch, and it only gets harder as the years go by.
  • I almost failed Physics.
  • I’m coming to realization about certain things I might talk about some other time.
  • I’m cold.
  • I’ve gotten sick way more than usual.
  • I’m becoming lonely.

And there is probably more, but I don’t want to dwell in the past that I should have talked about then when I remembered everything.

Not to worry, this is a comeback. Since today is officially the first day of winter break in my area of the plant, I’ll be posting more. So just you people wait!


Saturday I went to the largest convention in Georgia! I go every year with some friends and meet new people.
This year was no different, except that fact that me and my friends are older and have been to enough conventions at know how it works.

AWA is hosted every year in September at the Cobb Galleria and Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Georgia. 

I usually always go on Saturday and spend all day there. Its 25 dollars for one day walk-in admission. I can’t lie, its expensive to be an anime lover. I had saved 90 dollars, and by the end of the day I was left with 10 bucks.

If you wanna go to a free convention they have them, in fact, there is one held at Georgia Tech every year in March called, Momo Con (I’ll be going to that one too). To register is totally free, but to buy things cost one pretty penny sometimes. Cause you can find deals. Last year my friends bought 10 dollars wooden swords. They were black and detailed on the wooden blade. So its possible. :D

But don’t take that the wrong way, anime conventions are REALLY fun! So if your interested…go!

Here are some pictures from Saturday at AWA.

 May - Sept '09 118This is a shot of the main lobby of the hotel, it was raining this year so that’s why it doesn’t look that crowded. They probably didn’t wanna mess up their costumes. :3

 May - Sept '09 120 May - Sept '09 123

 May - Sept '09 125 We met these two last year. They paid up 10 bucks to let them cut us in line. This year only one was shirt less ;)

May - Sept '09 129The artist who drew this was there this year. I didn’t get to meet her though. I love her art!

 May - Sept '09 134 May - Sept '09 135 May - Sept '09 138  May - Sept '09 149May - Sept '09 143This last shot is with me and my friends before we went inside for the concert at the end of the day.
(from the left: Michelle, Kasey, me :3)

today’s a day to laugh at your self!



For those of you who do not watch the News; Gwinnett, Cobb, Douglas, and some other county in Georgia has had endless rain and flooding.

It just so happens, I live in Gwinnett county, and yes…my back yard is flooded, and to make matters worst, I have a major river running through my backyard. :D

That’s what flooded over causing half my backyard to be part of the Yellow River.So for the first time, school has been canceled because of…rain.

On Monday morning, my bus didn’t come, and then later I found out school was being delayed for 90mins due to the rain.
90mins later my dad and I are driving some girls in my neighborhood to school only to be turned around saying, “Schools canceled today…go home.”

So we find my friend and take him home since he too, lives in my neighborhood, but first we head to the gas station.

What should have been a 15 min drive, took one hour!

So, here I am, day too of school cancelation due to heavy rain and flooding. I know school is tomorrow since the sun is shining and birds are chirping and everyone’s bored to their wits. The only way school would be canceled tomorrow too is if the school has a massive flood (highly unlikely since its on a hill), or if another massive thunderstorm hits again and just add onto the flooding.

So yeah…I doubt it.

Its been a week.
I apologize, but I made no commitment to making a blog every week, so…HA!

For the pass week I’ve been tied up with school (so pointless), and sleeping. I’ve had no time to write a blog post. :(
And I also went to a Football game. I’m on the Spirit Squad, which means I paint parts of my body in paint and run around the bleachers and yelling with SPIRIT! lol
Since my school doesn’t win a lot, its kind of pointless…but fun.


Anyways, I went to the movies tonight with my buddy Diamond and brother Matthew.
We saw “9” (shortest movie title ever! LOL)

THAT IS NOT A KID MOVIE! I just found out…its rated PG-13. WOW, I feel slow. But it was so awesome, even though I was laughing for a decent part of the film, but still, pretty cool.

The thing about it though, was there was a little kid in the theater, and at the end with the fire scene, the kid was like,

are they having a camp fire?” …hahahaha!! it was supposed to be the SAD part! 

And, not only that but, at one point in during a quiet scene, my brother was like,

is this supposed to be based off of Soviet Russia or something?”


After the movie I wanted coffee (yes, coffee at 11:49 at night), so we went to Starbucks.

 We were already hyper from the movie that should not be seen by children under 10, so we ‘skipped’ to the door basically, only to find it locked. 
So, we went to the drive through with out a car :D and knocked on the window grinning like idiots.

And to my, happy, surprise…there was a hot guy who took our order! Yay! 

We waited for our drinks and noticed on the monitor(so that’s how they know!) that there was a women in a LARGE SUV ordering,

“She looks like she wants some coffee.”

“Yes she does…think she’ll run us over?”

“Wouldn’t be too surprised…”

She didn’t, and we got our coffees and laughed back to the car.
He was freaking out since he didn’t see us go in the store, and since there was a group of guys sitting outside in the dark talking. :D

Lovely night.


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